B-Set: A synchronization method for distributed semantic stores


Nowadays, there are increasing interests in developing methods for synchronizing distributed triple-stores by ensuring eventual data consistency in distributed architecture. The most well-known of them have been designed to serve as a common replicated data type (CRDT), where all concurrent operations commute independently of the centralized control. In this context, CRDT has been proposed for semantic stores, such as SWOOKI, C-Set and SU-Set. However none of the exiting synchronization solutions mention how to ensure Causality, Consistency and Intention preservation criteria of CCI model. This paper proposes B-Set, a new CRDT for the synchronization of semantic stores. B-Set is designed not only to ensure convergence of triples replicas but also to preserve user's intentions integrated in distributed architecture. The sets of operations are also defined in order to allow concurrent editing of the same shared triple-stores.


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